Gatterdam Industrial Services is your full-service industrial vendor. Selling and repairing motors since 1954, we offer cost-saving industrial solutions.

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Field Service & Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a critical element in developing a reliable production environment. The process involves a multifaceted approach to early detection of potential failures, along with the performance of corrective actions before full breakdowns are required.

A sample of these services include:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • Creating clean environments for various apparatuses to operate in.
  • Checking operating temperatures (thermography)
  • Check grease levels on bearings.
  • Check brushes and slip rings.
  • Meggar checks

Installing various features can help prevent premature failure.

  • Aegis Bearing Protection RingsAegis Bearing Protection Rings which prevent electrical bearing fluting damage by safely diverting harmful shaft voltages and bearing currents to ground.
  • Remote Vibration Probes
  • Installation of Seals (Isomag, Labyrinth, Inpro, Garlock)

Field Service

Our experienced team can assist you with your pump and motor problems out in the field. We have the following capabilities to meet your needs.

  • Crane Truck equipped with tools for pulling pumps and motors
  • Confined Space Certified
  • Ability to troubleshoot pump control panels