Gatterdam Industrial Services is your full-service industrial vendor. Selling and repairing motors since 1954, we offer cost-saving industrial solutions.

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Motor Inventory Optimization

We take a unique approach to the customer/vendor relationship. We consider a variety of criteria and develop a strategic plan to provide our valued customers with extreme efficiencies and great service.

Inventory Optimization Process

We start with a complete evaluation of electrical motors, pumps, gearboxes and automation equipment both active and in storage at the customer location. We then identify and analyze…

  • Active Inventory & Specifications
  • Critical Equipment for Customers Production
  • Non stock or specially manufactured equipment
  • Possible Manufacturer Alliances
  • Cross Referenced with Gatterdam Inventory
  • Gatterdam Additional Stocking
  • Current Spares or Spares that are Needed
  • Common Failure Areas or Definite Purpose
  • Potential Energy Savings & Efficiencies
  • Freight Expenses
  • Est. or Desired Delivery &/or Repair Timeframes
  • Potential Maintenance Plans

Customer Benefits Often Include…

  • Organization of Oper. & Active Inventory
  • Often Times Decrease Spare Inventory
  • Standardization of Equipment & Processes
  • If have large spare inventory, short term savings are significant
  • Operational Insurance for Critical Equipment
  • Cost Savings on Purchasing & Freight
  • ‘Go Green’ & Energy Savings Initiatives
  • Develop Reliable Vendor Relationship for Replacements & Repairs

Web-Based Inventory Management

We have a web based inventory management tools that tracks a user’s active inventory, spare inventory, and usage statistics, including the last replacement and repair reports. Please contact us to request a free demonstration.

Gatterdam Industrial Services (GIS)

In 2011 Gatterdam Electric became Gatterdam Industrial Services (GIS). Building on expertise in electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, and automation, the name Gatterdam Industrial Services (GIS) is more representative of our expanded product and service offerings including preventive maintenance, inventory maximization and pump services.

To read up on industrial value-add services please visit the Gatterdam Industrial Services (GIS) announcement page.